Defend your business

from malicious cyber activity, security breaches and privacy violations. 

At Black Bottle Security, we just don’t consult and assess, we implement security protocol and measures that help businesses to become compliant and stay cyber-secure. Just like a padlock can be shimmed or cut, so can your IT infrastructure. Don’t settle for “good enough cybersecurity.

Running a business is hard.

Cybersecurity Compliance Experts are on Your Side.

You are always looking for ways to create efficiencies and improvements in functional areas like accounting, IT, talent and recruiting, and sales and marketing.  But what about cybersecurity compliance? 
Most businesses will need to find a Cybersecurity Compliance Specialist that can address security compliance, fill crucial gaps, and provide real-world, threat-driven insight to security operations.  We can be your virtual data protection expert. 

Our Cybersecurity Compliance Process is swift, and the most comprehensive in the region.

  • We will understand the most vulnerable cybersecurity risks and gaps with a Compliance Analysis.
  • We will prioritize your critical assets for protection and investment.
  • Your employees will 'continuously' train through our proprietary cybersecurity customer portal.
  • You will receive $250,000 in cyber insurance.
  • Your business will be compliant with full documentation.

CCPA requires being transparent about your data-usage practices, which is best done through your privacy policy. Have you made it easy for your users to opt-out of the selling of their personal information?

Did you know that when you do business with the DOD you will need a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), effective January 2020?

Do you know if your payment system is vulnerable? It is essential that every aspect of the payment life cycle be considered when implementing PCI compliance, from credit card acceptance to processing of payments.

Are you relying on outdated security systems incapable of addressing the number and complexity of threats today?

Do you know what cybersecurity compliance is required in your industry?

With GDPR compliance, did you know that a data protection officer must monitor the organization’s compliance with data protection mandates?