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A glimpse into Black Bottle Security®, our brand, and what sets us apart. 

Meet our team of compliance experts.
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Black Bottle Security® offers next-generation technology security tools to mitigate your compliance cybersecurity risk. Our solution provides continuous monitoring of all attack surfaces to identify and resolve vulnerabilities, monitor endpoints and provide complete forensic for post-breach management.

Black Bottle Security® is educating its customers so that they clearly understand the risk of not being cyber secure. And, Black Bottle is taking swift action to prevent incidents and reduce breach impact for its customers. Protecting clients’ data has become paramount for Black Bottle as data is one of the most critical assets today for any business. We recognize that any loss of data has a devastating impact.

Black Bottle Security® was founded in 2017 by a group of professionals with 50+ years combined experience in managing our clients’ IT systems, infrastructure and cybersecurity. 

Black Bottle was born out of the need for a better and simpler way to manage security operations.  

Jon Craig

CEO, Managing Partner

Jon and his Black Bottle Security Compliance Team strive to be the first adopter, biggest influencer, and best promoter of relevant compliance and regulatory frameworks. Jon routinely shares his insights in optimizing business results and operational efficiencies through the use of technology, developing world-class services and teams, fueling innovation, and enabling IT operational excellence. Prior, Jon was senior vice president and chief information officer of Conway E&S. 

With more than 20 years in the high tech industry, he has also served in various IT leadership positions at FifthWall Solutions, Pittsburgh and Marconi Corporation (FORE Systems). Jon holds a BA in computer science from the University of Richmond.

John Hensberger

COO, Managing Partner

John began his career developing technology applications and has advanced into increasing roles and responsibilities.  His experiences have allowed him to develop a practical methodology for using technology to solve day-to-day challenges that many organizations face today. John has taken on challenges such as revamping internal technology footprints, developing technology services, helping companies achieve regulatory compliance, and assisted in due diligence processes.

John was also part of a company that experienced a cybersecurity breach. That experience has fueled his passion for assisting other companies with their cybersecurity needs to mitigate their risk. 

John was recognized as the Pittsburgh CIO of the Year, 2014, SMB category.  He holds a BS in Computer Science from St. Vincent College.

Michael Valentine

Compliance and Security Analyst

Michael is well experienced as a support specialist with a history of working in the information technology and services industry.  His skill set includes technical support, communication, Autotask, Active Directory, and Network Security.  

At Black Bottle Security, Michael supports the compliance and cybersecurity service group to achieve business objectives, coordinate design and validation, and support new system installations.  He is ensuring that all compliance security standards are met for his clients. 

He is a graduate of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Information Technology.

Marc Malloy

Compliance Account Manager

Marc has a diverse background as an entrepreneur of multiple ventures with an aptitude to build initiatives from scratch and to project manage complex initiatives. Marc brings to Black Bottle Security
years of Project Management experience across different fields, from coordinating research projects
throughout Latin America, to starting and running his 2 companies including a luxury home construction
company in Deep Creek, Maryland. Marc’s focus at Black Bottle Security will be building, coordinating,
and managing the Cybersecurity Compliance Programs. Marc is driven
to execute the vision of Black Bottle to become a national  leader in the Field of Cybersecurity Compliance.
Marc is an Honors graduate from McGill University, Montreal Canada, and has lived, worked, and traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Western Europe.

Ralph Palaski

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Ralph is focused on developing Black Bottle Security’s channel partner relationships and direct sales strategies.  He is working to deliver all compliance service offerings to the clients directly through Managed Service Providers, Manufacturing Extension Partners, and Master Agents in and around the region. He is supporting all compliance and employee training programs that underscore Black Bottle’s vision to be the cybersecurity compliance experts in the region. 

With more than 30 years in customer relationship management, he is also the owner/founder of PMT-Tech (Pittsburgh Marketing , Training & Technology)