Compliance Framework & Roadmap

The Black Bottle Difference. We are here to make it easy. And, to help your company lead by example. 

At Black Bottle Security, we just don’t consult and assess, we implement security protocol and measures that help businesses to become compliant and stay cyber-secure. Just like a padlock can be shimmed or cut, so can your IT infrastructure. Don’t settle for “good enough cybersecurity.

Compliance is not an easy task. You know you need a cybersecurity roadmap, you just don't know where to begin. We can help.

Your compliance roadmap will include risk assessments, policies, employee cybersecurity training, technology choices, incident response, cybersecurity insurance... and that just get's us started!

We can Build, Manage and Report on Your Compliance Solution.​

Security Services

1+1=3 scenario. When we understand your IT and security gaps, we BUILD the right cyber solution (we are not just a tool). We will map existing plans, procedures, and technologies to NIST SP 800-171 security controls, perform a Gap Analysis and advise on system improvements as required.​

Compliance Reporting​

We help you to REPORT by creating all of the POAM documentation needed to withstand any Compliance Audit.​

Cyber Insurance​

Partnering with Black Bottle Security for your compliance needs provides your business with $250,000 in cyber insurance. ​

Compliance Analysis

We are your Compliance Experts. We will gather information to understand the gaps and we prioritize your critical assets for protection and investment.

Compliance Assurance​

We have a plan of action and will MANAGE your Continuous Compliance Solution with monitoring, training, and cyber insurance

a. Cybersecurity Monitoring - Managed (maybe intrusion) detection, not just relying on alerts, we are actively looking for abnormal activity 24x7 (not just your nextgen anti-virus).

b. Cybersecurity Training and Phishing - Upfront and ongoing, employees are educated on how to avoid a cyber breach.​

Complying with NIST and Beyond

In many cases, complying with NIST guidelines and recommendations will help you ensure compliance with other regulations, such as CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, ISO, SOX and New York State Cybersecurity Regulations.  NIST guidelines are often developed to help agencies meet specific regulatory compliance requirements. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that complying with NIST alone is not a complete assurance that your data is secure.

When we achieve NIST Compliance, because we use a flexible Compliance Framework, we can easily tackle most other compliances as well. 

For businesses, harmonization cuts compliance costs and simplifies the process of meeting requirements.