Security Operations Center

Working from home during this time of the coronavirus? Our SOC is built specifically for supporting your business and those employees who are working remotely.

Let us help your organization to significantly reduce cyber risk with a holistic people-centric cybersecurity approach.

We operate 24/7 so that networks and endpoints are constantly being monitored. While automated monitoring systems are good, adding human expertise is better.   If a vulnerability is found or an incident is discovered, our SOC will engage with your on-site IT team to respond to the issue and investigate the root cause.

Responsibility to audit systems to meet compliance requirements, including the enacted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), often falls on the SOC. Regulations such as GDPR has added new provisions for enterprise data protection and IoT device management.

The Root Cause of Cyber Attacks

It’s quite simple. Criminals want access to your business’ financial details! Cyber attacks enable cyber-crimes like information theft, fraud and ransomware schemes. Malware is malicious software and includes viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware bots and bugs.

The Black Bottle Security Operations Center.
We live by and for the best security monitoring practices.

Asset Survey

We start with an Asset Survey because we need to have a complete picture of your business' assets that must be secured.

Log Collection​

We log the real-time data and get started with a baseline collection

Preventative Maintenance

We install security patches, adjust firewall policies, and look for insider threats

Continuous Monitoring

No cracks in our roadmap -- our SOC tools run scans across the company’s network to identify potential threats and other suspicious activity.

Alert Management

There is no cookie-cutter approach. Our team reviews the automated alerts to know what and how to respond.

Root Cause Analysis

Understanding why a problem occurred in the first place helps to ensure continuous improvement.

Compliance Audits

We will help your team to be all buttoned up (with complete documentation) so, if the time ever comes, your business can withstand a compliance audit.

Management of IoT Devices within the SOC

IoT has added a level of complexity. Visibility of all endpoints connecting to your network is important as they serve as a common starting point for malicious hackers. Are your endpoints approved for connection? The Black Bottle SOC experts understand the subtleties of cyberattacks that play on the hyper-connectivity afforded by the use of enterprise IoT.

Black Bottle Security Operations Center

Let us be your outsourced ‘security’ office that is 100 percent dedicated to analyzing traffic flow and monitoring for threats and attacks. Because sophisticated cyberattacks and data breaches never sleep, all businesses need to prioritize securing their technology assets.  Maybe you simply can’t afford to employ a full-time in-house IT security team? The better solution to this problem is to partner with the Black Bottle Security Operations Center.

We can typically engage in these ways:

We can be your Dedicated SOC — meaning we are your cybersecurity team

We can be your Co-managed SOC — your IT team is tightly coupled with our Black Bottle cybersecurity team to manage cybersecurity needs jointly.