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Black Bottle Security is educating its Manufacturers so that they clearly understand the risk of not being cyber secure, and is taking swift action to prevent incidents and reduce breach impact for its customers.

Learn more about our 5 Step Compliance Process as we believe it's the most comprehensive in the industry.

Compliance Process

If you are a manufacturer doing business with a government entity, or looking to work within this sector, your business needs to be DFARS NIST 800-171 Compliant. This Infographic explains the importance of managing cyber risks for manufacturers.

If you’re like most U.S. small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs), you rely heavily on information technology to conduct business. Day-to-day business operations like banking, payroll and purchasing are all conducted over the Internet. Machines on the shop floor are connected to networks and employees use mobile devices to access company information. Have you ever considered how vulnerable your SMM firm might be? Hackers and cyber criminals are focusing their attention on SMMs just like you.

Many larger manufacturers in the U.S. have been putting people, technology and money into protecting themselves from cybersecurity threats. These manufacturers have become more difficult targets for malicious attacks from hackers and cyber criminals. Because SMMs typically don’t have the resources to invest in cybersecurity the way larger manufacturers can, many cyber criminals view them as soft targets.

You may not consider yourself a target, but your SMM firm may have money or information that can be valuable to a criminal. Your computer can be compromised and used to launch an attack on someone else (i.e., a botnet) or your firm may provide access to more high-profile targets through your products, services or role in a supply chain. It is important to note that criminals aren’t always after profit. Some may attack your manufacturing company out of revenge (e.g., for firing them or somebody they know) or for the thrill of causing havoc. Similarly, not all events that affect security are caused by criminals. Environmental events such as fires or floods can severely damage computer systems. (source:

basic practices and tools needed to develop a cybersecurity program